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A heartrending exploration of loss, legacy,

and the fault lines that divide us 

Since the death of his brother, veteran dairy farmer George has been struggling to keep the family business afloat. His troubles only worsen when zealous activists, armed with cameras and outrage, descend on his cowshed one morning to film content for their social media.

The fallout is brutal, especially when George’s youngest child, caught between loyalty and a burgeoning conscience, appears to side with the activists. As the family grapples with the real-world consequences of going viral, George’s elderly mother sleepwalks back to her youth and a secret she has carried with her for decades - one that could reshape their world, for better or worse.

Coming 20 February 2025

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Empathetic, beautifully written, and deeply moving, Seth Insua's debut novel explores generational trauma and the strength it takes to truly understand those closest to us. A bridge across viewpoints in divided times, Human, Animal is a must-read.

Bonnie Burke-Patel, author of I Died at Fallow Hall

Blisteringly emotional, exploring the complex folds of family bonds. The last page left me haunted. Completely unmissable.

Lucy Rose, author of The Lamb

In his remarkable debut, Seth Insua achieves the feat of delivering on a compelling drama while also making the reader think and feel about some profound things: the status of human beings on this planet, the struggle to cross generational divides, the human stories around gender identity and sexuality, the enduring effects of conflict and prejudice. Timely, funny and moving, Human, Animal reminds us how powerful the novel can be in the hands of a true writer.

Charles Fernyhough, author of The Auctioneer and A Box of Birds

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